Internet search giant Google has decided that their Google Apps cloud-based enterprise email and collaboration platform will no longer offer support for Internet Explorer 8, and when you read between the lines for that, it would mean you would be forced to make an operating system upgrade from Windows XP to something newer. In a way this is rather sad for the more melancholic among you, but then again there is always this sense of inevitability as time passes by. I mean, the day had to come sooner or later, right? Unless Microsoft figured out that we would still be using Windows XP a couple of decades down the road.


You still have some months left to enjoy Google Apps on Internet Explorer 8 as support for it will end this coming November 15th, which would be two weeks after Windows 8 and the latest bundled version of Internet Explorer 10 are shipped around the world. Folks using the older browser will then be unable to access Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and Google Drive, but we do expect that support lines will still light up by users who are not yet aware of the situation.

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