It goes without saying that one should always take the necessary safety precautions when cycling, such as wearing brightly colored clothes (or having a safety vest with reflective strips if you are cycling at night or early in the morning) as well as a helmet to protect your noggin’ in case you take a spill. Well, the ICEdot helmet plays further on the ICE (In Case of Emergency) concept by using Bluetooth connectivity to trigger the accompanying app on your smartphone whenever you fall, calling your emergency contact in the process. This sensor was specially programmed to determine that you are in an accident, figure out just how serious the accident is, while sending your GPS coordinates to your emergency contact.

Of course, what happens when you accidentally drop your helmet or just take a minor fall? Good thing the app itself comes with an emergency countdown, allowing you to manually abort the call so that no one else needs to worry unnecessarily. The ICEdot helmet is being developed by Sense Tech LLC, where it is targeting a 2013 release date for approximately $200 a pop.

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