Flying solo might not sound tantalizing to some, but others thrive on charting their very own path. Well, the Neo Geo X which we talked about at the end of last month was said to come with a $199 price point, although that would be the deluxe version which comes with a docking station. Folks who are on a tight budget (after you have set aside some dollars for your iPhone 5 fund, of course) will appreciate the fact that there is a more affordable solo version of the Neo Geo X which is priced to please to the tune of $130 a pop, although the manufacturer has yet to release additional details concerning this handheld console’s launch date.

We do know it will come with a 4.3” display as well as other hardware specifications that accompanied the $199 model sans extra accessories, of course. Will it make it in time for the December holiday season? That remains to be seen. This would be a good time to practice the virtue of patience though.

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