Tobii is a well-known brand when it comes to eye-tracking products and embedded eye-tracking technology. The company is collaborating with NTT DoCoMo to create the world’s first eye-tracking tablet. The tablet is being called ‘ibeam’ and comes with embedded eye tracking from Tobii.

For now, ibeam is essentially a concept tablet although the two companies intend to show off a prototype in Tokyo during the first week of October. 

With the help of embedded eye-tracking, a user can interact with the user interface of the ibeam tablet simply through the movement of his eyes. This can be of immense help to such people who are disabled and are otherwise unable to interact with a touchscreen interface found in most tablets.

According to the CEO of Tobii technology, Henrik Eskilsson, “This is an exciting step forward as we continue to pursue our vision of a world in which eye tracking enhances our interaction with everyday devices. We are thrilled to see so many companies taking an interest in exploring the possibilities with Tobii’s eye-tracking technology. We will see more and more proof-of-concept prototypes like this as the industry moves closer to realizing the benefits of eye tracking.”

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