Skype logoSkype, the company that made VoIP communications famous around the world and has used their SILK audio codec since 2009 to serve over 750 billion Skype-to-Skype minutes, is back with a new idea of developing and standardizing a codec that was specially built just for Internet use, calling it Opus. Opus would sound to be rather fitting, as it has everything to do with the audio world, and not only that, it does send the meaning straight and true even to a non-geek. Opus was built on the foundation of Skype’s highly-successful SILK codec, and Skype hopes that the Opus standard will be more widely adopted in due time.

Opus is said to improve audio experiences across the spectrum from narrowband mono to fullband stereo, regardless of whether it is voice or music that we are talking about here, pardon the pun. It will be higher-quality compared to a range of current codecs for both voice and music, and they are keeping their fingers crossed that mobile data network operators will fall in love with it due to its higher level of efficiency that takes up less megabytes than normal. How does CD quality conversations over Skype sound in the future?

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