While our smartphones allow us to capture our lives on a daily basis, we still need to take it out of our pockets and launch the camera app, which also gives way to the possibility that we could miss out on certain candid moments. Well if you’ve always wanted to document your life in photo all day, you might be able to do some come November thanks to the Autographer wearable camera. As pictured above, the Autographer is a small camera that can be worn via a strap around your neck or possibly on your wrist.


Developed by OMG Life, the Autographer will feature five sensors built into it that automatically trigger the camera’s shutter when it detects sudden movement, changes in temperature and etc. It also features a 136-degree semi-fisheye wideangle lens that will be used to capture the photos, a 5MP image sensor, an OLED display, along with Bluetooth connectivity which will allow the Autographer to wireless transfer photos taken onto your iPhone via the companion app.

It sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Unfortunately with its asking price of about $650, you might be better off buying a “proper” camera, but perhaps its usefulness and its novelty might justify its price tag for some. Either way more info about the Autographer can be found on its website.

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