We’re not sure how many of you guys still have old cassette tapes lying around, but in case you do and your entire music collection is still sitting on your shelf in cassette tape format, Hammacher Schlemmer has a gadget that will convert the songs on your cassette tape into MP3 format on your iPhone/iPod touch with an accompanying app. As pictured above, the device is reminiscent of the old Walkman/tape recorders back in the day which should be nostalgic for some. However since the songs are being converted from tape to MP3, safe to say that the audio quality will not be as crisp as the digital music that we have access to these days, but it will be a great way to digitize your entire music collection, albeit a rather slow one. You will also be listen to the tape by connecting your headphones to the audio jack or to a stereo system. So if you’d like to pick up this converter for yourself, head on over to Hammacher Schlemmer’s website where you can order one for $80.

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