In this day and age where owning tablets is becoming more commonplace, it’s not unusual to see kids playing with them at restaurants or in school, and since this seems to be the natural progress of the culture and society we live in, why not make it an educational experience at the same time, right? Dubbed the Tinkermite Tablet, this is a Kickstarter project that aims to teach kids about technology and how things work (to a certain extent) without the aid of electronics, making this a learning experience that many of us were probably familiar with back in the day.


Now instead of getting kids to fit shapes in their respective holes, the Tinkermite Tablet will actually show the anatomy of a tablet, teaching children about technology and how some of the gadgets they play with these days work. The innards of the tablet can be disassembled and reassembled as a smartphone, both of which are reminiscent of the iPad and iPhone, so let’s hope there will be no lawsuits headed their way! Jokes aside, the Tinkermite Tablet will show where components like the camera goes, the CPU, the memory, and etc. It certainly sounds like great idea and a great way to get kids involved and interested in technology, so if you’d like to learn more about the project or donate to it, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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