While you are on foot, waiting the for the light to turn green and let you cross the road can be annoying at times. Especially if you reach it just the moment it goes red, you may have to wait quite a while before you could step on the road. And all this waiting can get to your nerves.

It turns out that the folks at Hildesheim, Germany, have come up with a very novel idea to tackle this problem. Her,e you may find a ‘Pong’ game affixed to lamp posts right next to the traffic light. To help you while away the time, it provides you an opportunity to play the game right there.

The best part about this Pong game is that you are pitted against a real-time opponent. And your opponent is the person standing at the other side of the road, also waiting for the green light. So until the light turns green, both of you can enjoy a real-time Pong game.

It sounds like a really cool idea. However, don’t take it so seriously as to forget the traffic light when it turns green since games like Pong can be very addictive.

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