We’ve all done this before where we go to a retail store, try out a product before heading home to place our orders online. This is not a move appreciated by many retailers especially since online retailers, such as Amazon or even eBay offer the products for cheaper prices. Well the good news is that if you’d rather not wait for a product to be shipped to you, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that during this holiday season, Best Buy will be matching their prices against online retailers such as Amazon. This is a move to put a halt to what is known as “showrooming”, where people come to try products out before buying them online.

Granted Best Buy admits that showrooming isn’t that huge of a deal, since 40% of their customers that walk leave with a product, but firmly believes that this is an issue that they should pay attention to. As an added incentive, the report has also revealed that Best Buy could be offering free home delivery on items that are out of stock which hopefully will keep customers loyal and choose to buy from them. Assuming this report is accurate, we guess we know where we will be shopping this holiday!

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