While a recent survey found that 74% of the people surveyed were actually fine with Apple’s Maps, needless to say there is a lot of work left to be done if they hope to catch up to Google Maps, an app which many Android users rely on, and an app that many iOS relied on until the release of iOS 6. We’re sure that there are many iOS users out there who feel that Apple should have kept Google Maps, despite the app being extremely outdated when compared to its Android counterpart. Unsurprisingly Google’s Eric Schmidt seems to think so as well, and in an interview with AllThingsD, Schmidt was quoted as saying, “Apple should have kept our maps,” and when asked why, he responded by saying, “They’re better maps.”

However according to reports last month, the reason Apple decided to end their contract with Google a year early was because Google refused to include voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, understandably because it would give iOS users one of the key features that defined its Android counterpart. The report also suggested that Google wanted more input on the development of the iOS app and also wanted to include Google Latitude, a move which ultimately resulted in Apple ending their deal with Google a year early and introducing Maps with iOS 6. Word has it that Google could be releasing a standalone Maps app for iOS by the end of the year, but until then, what do you guys think?


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