Being in an accident is no fun at all, but until now, drivers play the most important role in ensuring that vehicle accidents are avoided. How about a car that will avoid accidents even when the driver is lax and paid more attention to the smartphone in his or her hand instead of having both eyes concentrating fully on the road? Nissan Motor of Japan has set their ultimate goal of rolling out cars that will achieve a “virtually zero“ accident rate. Of course, heavy duty technology is enlisted to achieve this lofty ideal, including a steering wheel that remains steady without shaking or vibrating even while driving on a bumpy road, or how about a vehicle that calculates the different factors before making that swerve on its own in order to avoid the sudden situation of a pedestrian jumping in front of your car?

This next generation steering wheel will be introduced in their upscale Infiniti-brand vehicles from next year onwards, where this steering wheel controls tire angles through the transmission of steering inputs via electronic signals in lieu of a mechanical system, which is not too far off from the “fly-by-wire” technology that the modern aircraft flight control system uses.

Other crash-avoidance technology that Nissan is working on should be able to be made available to the masses on a commercial level within the coming half decade. We certainly look on impatiently and hope that some of these features will appear in their Skyline range first!

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