When it comes to the kind of upholstery in your vehicle, most folks would figure out that leather is the epitome of luxury. After all, it provides that nice, warm and soft feeling as you sink your entire body right into it after a long day at the office. Those who are not that well off, or if the vehicle is of a lower grade, regular cloth seats will have to do. Nissan, however, have tasked their engineers to develop something which might just sound creepy – to create synthetic materials which replicate the feel and touch of a human finger.

It seems that Nissan’s engineers are taking this route because they figured out that the kind of sensation which provides humans with most luxurious feeling is, of all things, our own human skin. After all, we respond to another human’s touch in a totally different manner compared to other sensations, and the four key factors which were looked into included flexibility, temperature, smoothness and moistness of a human finger. We do wonder what kind of color will the new interior look like, and perhaps this can also be an offshoot for future robots that are in search for synthetic human skin.

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