We know Nokia is pretty big on the whole wireless charging thing, especially when they demonstrated the feature when they unveiled the Nokia Lumia 920. It seems that wireless charging is not the only thing Nokia is interested in and in a blog post, the Finnish company revealed that they are also taking a look at solar-powered charging. Now before you think that this is just another novelty feature and accessory that Nokia is trying to sell, you would be mistaken as this is a move by Nokia to get phones into the hands of people in developing countries where a stable flow of electricity is available, which means that charging your phone consistently might not be feasible.

This solar charging accessory has been designed for people living in Kenya and Nigeria and according to Nokia, the Portable Solar Charger DC-40 can turn one minute of charging time into two minutes worth of talk time. It relies on a thin photovoltaic panel which weighs 93 grams and a 3 meter long cable that connects to Nokia’s phone via the 2mm plug. Nokia will be piloting the program this week and thousands of people from Nigeria and Kenya are expected to help test it out.

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