If there is one fashion affront that should never have been established, it would be the Crocs shoes, although you could also somewhat classify Lady Gaga under that particular category. Well, here is the One moment 01M biodegradable shoes where the namesake itself gives the game away, making it ideal for those who love all things that have to do with gardening. After all, these biodegradable shoes can be transformed into compost once you’re done with them, using it to fertilize the garden in the process. These are 100% biodegradable, and were specially created via an injection-mold process that is made from soft vegetable-based plastic.

The shoes feel as though they are made from rubber though, and come with an anti-slip sole which makes it able to hold its own even against rain and dirt. Even then, the eco-friendly material that it is made out of will encourage you to compost it instead of just tossing them away once you’re done. Definitely not something that you would buy many times over in your lifetime since shoes wear out what, once a year if you drive them hard throughout the day? You can shred the 01M shoes, or just chuck them into a compost bin where it will take approximately half a year before it is broken down completely. Would you be willing to fork out 10 Euros for a pair of these puppies?

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