Windows 8 is coming out on October 26, and you know what that means: OEMs are trotting out their newest and slickest machines running Windows 8 in order to get them in the minds of consumers when they go shopping this holiday season. We’ve seen Acer and HP’s offerings, but next up is Korean electronics giant Samsung. Back in August, we saw Samsung’s tablets, the Slate 5 and Slate 7, but those aren’t laptops. Samsung confirmed today that for the US market, those will be using the ATIV moniker. The coolest aspect of that line is that they will all feature the SPen technology we’ve seen on the Galaxy Note.

Also, we just got a look at Sammy’s notebooks: the updates to the Series 5 and Series 9 laptops. Samsung’s Series 9 has been their highest end laptop: it’s billed as an Ultrabook, and it’s only half an inch thin. The real star of the show is the 1600×900 screen, which Samsung claims can output at 400nits of brightness. There’s a 15-inch option and a 13-inch option. Both of them come with a Core i5, but only the 15-incher gets 8GB of RAM. Both have a 128GB SSD. Samsung claims to have squeezed 10 hours battery life out of its 5800mAh battery. And it will come with Windows 8 pre-installed. It will start at $1299.

The Series 5 has been Samsung’s mid-range option–but in an interesting twist, Samsung’s added touch. It comes with Intel processors, starting with a Core i3 and an upgrade option for a Core i5. It should have an standard spinning HD with 24GB of SSD for fast startup. The screen, although it’s a multitouch screen, clocks in at a disappointing 1366×768 resolution.  The whole package should start at $799.

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