Sandy was definitely an unwanted visitor on the East Coast, but the tenacity of the human spirit continues to prevail over natural disasters. As for cell towers, those did not fare too well, as Sandy knocked out approximately 25% of cell towers across an area that spread across 10 states in the US. Federal regulators said that this is not all, as the entire situation could end up a whole lot worse sometime down the road.

The remaining cell towers that still function are barely working, thanks to aid from generators. The situation could change for the worse as the generators eventually run out of fuel before commercial power is restored, at least according to the Federal Communications Commission. Good thing the landline phone network (logically) held up better where Sandy made her mark, in a land area that stretches from Virginia to Massachusetts. No idea on the number for folks who are affected by 25% of the cell towers going down, but let us keep our fingers crossed and whisper a prayer that whatever could be done was done, leaving the rest to fate.

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