Back in April this year, renowned designer Philippe Starck revealed that he was working on a revolutionary project for Apple, which was later revealed to be a project not for Apple, but for Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs. The project was for a yacht and for those who are curious as to how the final product might look like, the yacht, dubbed Venus, has officially been unveiled in the Netherlands. As expected from Philippe Starck and Steve Jobs, the design of the yacht is very clean, sleek and minimalist. Roughly 80 meters long, the hull of the yacht is reportedly made from aluminum, huge plate windows, and unsurprisingly running on 27” iMacs complete with navigational and other seafaring software. In any case it seems like a pity that Jobs did not get to enjoy his yacht, but presumably he enjoyed the process of designing it according to a quote from his biography, “I didn’t think I would be alive when it got done, […] But that made me so sad, and I decided that working on the design was fun to do, and maybe I have a shot at being alive when it’s done.” In the meantime you can check out additional photos and coverage over at


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