Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar? While there are books and videos to help with that process, nothing beats actually playing a guitar to learn the basics. However if you’d like to learn in a more modern fashion, then this iPad Guitar Simulating Tutor might be of interest to you. As you can see in the image above, this accessory for your iPad looks like a guitar and features an area in its body where you can dock your iPad, and together with its accompanying app, it will teach you how to play the guitar.

We don’t expect you will become Steve Vai through this simulation, but it looks like a pretty fun and unique way of learning the basics. The fret board comes embedded with 84 LEDs which will light up to let you know where to place your fingers to hold chords, while its accompanying app will let the user switch between an electric guitar to an acoustic guitar to a bass guitar. In fact the app will also come with various guitar effects such as distortion, reverb, flange and delay. Priced at $150 it is available for purchase via Hammacher Schlemmer’s website.

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