There are some countries that have a large enough domestic population, that it is capable of supporting itself internally, and does not really need any outside influence in order to be self-sustaining. All of that is in theory, of course, as we do know that there is no such thing as a 100% self-reliant country in this global economy. I guess you can say the same for the world of web browsers, as Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet search engine, has already started working on their own Web-browser.


This browser can be downloaded already, and will be updated “every several weeks,” according to Chief Executive Officer Arkady Volozh. Based on the WebKit platform and Google’s Chromium open code, it will rely on software from Kaspersky Lab in order to test for viruses and Opera Software ASA (OPERA)’s Turbo technology so that pages can be downloaded faster. Will it be able to help Yandex to defend their market share? Only time will tell, but good luck in their endeavor!

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