Folks who have reared fish in the past as pets know that it is not as simple as letting your finned friends swim in an aquarium without a care in the world. You have got to make sure that the PH levels are correct, with the right kind of temperature as well as oxygen levels being maintained at all times. Not only that, there is this thing that you need to do as well from time to time – cleaning the tank of its gunk, goo and slime. The Japanese might have stumbled upon something that lazy pet owners would love to have – the Zuru Robo Fish.

They will not die, at least not biologically, need no food to survive, and will be able to swim in both fresh and sea water conditions. Retailing for $14.99 a pop, the Zuru Robo Fish might be the last Nemo lookalike that you will ever need to purchase. At least it saves you the trouble of explaining the concept of death to a young kid, no?

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