Farts are an everyday part of life, but woe to you if you stumble upon an elevator with someone letting loose a silent but deadly kind – better to have one which is obnoxiously loud, and yet does not smell. Here is a potential worldwide best seller – Inodore, a Japanese-created material which will not only put an end to noxious fart smells, but to a slew of other body odors as well that are deemed as “unpleasant” by society. This is achieved without the use of any harmful chemicals or powerful perfumes, making it all the more appealing to folks who have a heart for the environment.

Professor Hiroki Ohge of Hiroshima University is the man behind this idea, where he improved upon cushions and shorts which rely on activated carbon within to deodorize the air, hence he decided to work on underwear that function using a similar principle. Since activated carbon or charcoal is not suitable, a new ceramic material was chosen, where it contained countless tiny pores and was a whole lot stronger – being able to hold up to plenty of wear and washing. I’d loathe to review this – not as the person wearing it, but the person smelling a fart.

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