If you are a proud owner of the Google Nexus 7, is everything about your tablet running fine and dandy, that you have nary a complaint against it? If you have answered in the affirmative, then all is peachy keen. There are others who do not seem to have the kind of rub of the green that you do, where some folks claimed to have experienced intermittent screen flickering that it had to be sent it for a warranty replacement. In fact, one particular owner claimed that the replacement model itself was no good, and had to be sent in for another replacement, too. The screen flickering problem is a known issue where the Google Nexus 7 is concerned, and it seems to happen most commonly whenever the screen’s brightness remain low, with a mostly white page being displayed, while you leave Wi-Fi connectivity turned on and it is transferring data.

Yes, that does sound like a whole lot of parameters as it remains the most common scenario when such a thing happens, although some others did notice the screen flicker issue appear when reading even with Wi-Fi connectivity turned off. I guess there are more than the first set of parameters which could trigger this annoying behavior. It does not seem to be a software issue, either, as an update to Android 4.2 failed to address such unbecoming behavior.

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