LG has announced a new air conditioning unit which appears to have been designed for the African market in mind, such as Nigeria where malaria is prevalent. How does air conditioning help combat malaria, you ask? Well it seems that in this particular unit, also known as the “Anti-Mosquito” air conditioner, it utilizes ultrasonic wave technology which helps to repel mosquitos which in turn helps to prevent malaria. According to the tests conducted by LG, the air conditioning unit has a success rate of 64% when it comes to deterring malaria-transmitting Anopheles mosquitos in 24 hours, while overall it manages 82%.

Apart from the ability to help deter malaria-transmitting mosquitos, the air conditioning unit has also been designed to help deal with power fluctuation in countries where the flow of electricity might not be as stable as some of us are used to. LG has embedded the air-con with a Super Automatic Voltage Switcher which helps to guard against blackouts and surges which could damage the components within the air-con. Pretty cool stuff, no? [Press release]

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