Yesterday we reported on a ZTE Windows Phone 8 device that came with an alleged 5.9” display and a Full HD resolution. We expressed our doubt, especially since Microsoft has not officially announced their support for resolutions beyond 720p HD, so either ZTE had their facts wrong or they knew something we didn’t. While we still remain skeptical, a new rumor has emerged via @MS_Nerd who has suggested that Microsoft is currently working on scaling up Windows Phone 8 to displays up to 7”, while also working on scaling down Windows RT to a smaller display of 8.4”.

“ZTE Blade 8: WP8 counts 3 pixels as 2. MSFT adding stylus support in OneNote, IE & Reader. Figuring out how to reach 7″ size with WP or RT.

Another project with select members of Surface & Nook teams, using RT on a 8.4″ screen exploring it from the other side, no stylus yet.”

What do you guys make of this? Could we be seeing additional display resolution support in future Windows Phone 8 updates? We’ll take this with a grain of salt for now and suggest that you do the same.

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