Opera is probably a name that many have come to associate with browsers, not just for the desktop, but for the mobile as well. Now it seems that Opera wants to venture outside of its core competency and has since launched a music service of its own called Unlimited Music. The soft launch of their music service was done in Russia and much like other music services, Unlimited Music is expected to be subscription-based where users can download and stream their favorite songs. However according to an Opera spokesperson, Opera is not the owner of the content, but rather the enabling layer which basically means that Opera is working with another provider.

Android and Windows Phone users will get to stream and download music, while iOS users will only get the streaming option. Opera’s Unlimited Music service will cost 150 Rubles a month which is about $4.73 and will launch with 2 million tracks, a combination of both Russian and non-Russian music. Opera will be trying out their service in Russia first before deciding on whether to expand to other markets around the world.

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