If you grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then you would know that their favorite food was pizza, although come to think of it, I would have lost my appetite if I were to eat in a sewer. Oh, the smell of it all! Even the best pepperoni and oodles of cheese in the world won’t be able to nudge my appetite under such circumstances. Well, good thing we live in far more hygienic conditions, and for those who tend to work in front of their computer for hours on end, how about getting a quick bite to refuel your body? Nothing quite makes for a delicious bite than a slice of pizza – although this time around, the pizza itself could function as your notebook’s trackpad.

Whoa – time to back up a bit here, what do you mean, using a pizza as a trackpad? Well, Joel Adams had a mind to hook up a few slices of pizza to his notebook with a Makey Makey board acting as an intermediary, allowing one to scroll and click around the Internet. The main downside to this improvisation? Your keyboard is going to get a whole lot greasy, smeared with cheese and other condiments all over the place.

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