If you are a huge Star Wars fan, then you would definitely love what fifth grade teacher Morgan has done to his Vespa scooter – by slapping it with Star Wars decals on the vintage luggage case, in addition to decking out the entire old school scooter to look similar to the world’s most famous astromech droid – R2-D2.


According to Morgan, “I am a fifth grade teacher/SW nerd, and I recently converted my Vespa that I ride into work every day to look like the one and only R2. This was done with adhesive vinyl, some meticulous cutting and a 12-pack of beer. It gets a lot of looks and thumbs up, and often times while I am sitting at a stop light someone crossing the street will pause to take notice. The rear trunk is a real vintage piece and I removed the original faded travel stickers and replaced them with various retro style Star Wars art and posters that I found on the internet.”

Definitely one of the more eye stopping DIY work done, and while this R2-D2 Vespa scooter is unable to save the galaxy, it will ferry you from point A to point B in style. No one said anything about hyperspace travel though, so don’t go eyeing the Ferrari at the red light for a challenge.

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