While Blackberry 10 on paper sounds promising, on the UI front we couldn’t help but feel that perhaps RIM could do a better job. If you’ve seen any of the screenshots of the OS so far, you might have seen some of the icons used which to be honest leave much to be desired. Of course it is possible that those icons were merely used for the Dev Alpha devices which means that we have yet to see the final Blackberry 10. However it seems that many designers have complained to RIM about the icons and it looks like RIM has decided to do something about it.

The company has since created a guideline for app icons, giving developers an idea of how to go about designing the icons. Pictured above is a screenshot of how the new icons in Blackberry 10 could look like (pictured left) versus the old icons (pictured right). According to the guideline, the size of icons has been reduced from 150×150 to a smaller 114×114 which we think looks a lot better. There is a chance that things could change when Blackberry 10 is officially released early next year, but for now what do you guys think of the new icons? Yay or nay? Or did you actually prefer the old look?

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