Don’t you sometimes wish that candy stores could sell Skittles in just one color just like jelly beans, instead of having a myriad of colors to choose from in a single packet? I guess there is always unity in diversity, but then again, some folks prefer just a uniform taste throughout the entire pack. For folks who fall under the latter category, check out the Skittles Sorting Machine in action in the video above. This is no Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series, but at least it will help you distribute Skittles into bowls according to their respective colors.

The only kind of candy it is capable of proper sorting would be Skittles, since choosing anything of a different size or shape with send its sensors into confusion. Not exactly the most useful machine to have at home, but if you have kids who always clamor for a certain color in a packet of Skittles, you won’t go wrong with this bad boy. Something tells me that someone is going to run a project to see just which color occurs the most in a pack of Skittles on average. My money’s on red, how about you?

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