If you’re the type of person who needs enough desk space to hold a computer and have space to write notes at the same time, then having a minimalist setup is probably a good way to go. Unfortunately full sized keyboards and mice do take up a fair bit of desk space and if you’re looking for a way to minimize that, this keyboard/touchpad concept might be worth taking a look at. Designed by Min Koo Yeo, this concept is dubbed the “Inside Out”, and as pictured above, it looks like a rather innocuous keyboard at cursory glance, but according to its designer, it is meant to serve dual purposes.

While one side may be a keyboard, flipping it over would reveal its touchpad portion, allowing the user to interact with it, perform gestures and the likes, which we guess could be where it got its name from. It certainly is a great idea, and having such a large touchpad real estate could come in handy. However having to flip between the keyboard and touchpad could be rather troublesome so we’re not sure if this device would actually be useful – but what do you guys think?

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