According to WinAppUpdate, Microsoft’s Windows Store for Windows 8 now has a total of 12,895 applications since yesterday. Albeit the number of apps are still relatively small when compared to the Mac App Store’s more than 10,000 apps, it ‘s worth noting that Windows 8 was just launch last month. The opposite could be true. The nearly 13,000 tally yesterday follows after WinAppUpdate revealed on Wednesday last week that the Windows Store was approving around 500 apps per day and that the total number of apps then in the store is around 10,375 applications. If you’ll do the math, that would mean 2,895 applications were added in a span of 8 days since October 31, an average of 362 per day. At this rate, the number of apps should be around 13,257 today, and will probably reach 20,000 before this month ends. Windows Store has a long way to go, but it is definitely showing progress.

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