While the Internet does have its fair share of search engines, you can say that Google dominates them all, with Bing and Yahoo jousting it out for second spot. Well, Moscow-based Yandex remains king of the hill over at Russia, holding over 60% of the country’s search, and has also made inroads in Turkey since September last year. However, the market share in Turkey is nothing to write home about, but Yandex intends to change things around with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform as the springboard of choice to pick up the pace in Russia as well as Turkey.

In fact, for both countries, Yandex is now the stock search engine in Windows Phone 8, which is not too surprising considering how Microsoft’s Bing does have very little presence in these territories. Windows Phone 8 should arrive in Turkey before November is over, as Nokia’s Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 in addition to HTC’s 8X handsets are tipped to be launched by then. Do you think this strategy will help expand Yandex’s presence in Turkey?

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