The world of prepaid carriers is a cutthroat one as the majority of the big carriers have their own prepaid services offering a number of benefits such as unlimited talk and data without the need to being tied down to a contract. Sprint-owned Boost Mobile has such a service, but starting near Jan. 20th, it will begin data throttling its customers.

The company took to its Facebook profile earlier today to let its customers know of the change as customers who exceed 2.5 gigabytes of data each month will be slowed down to a slow, but steady 256kbps. In its Facebook update, it anticipates a small amount of its users will feel the pinch as it lists a number of ways its customers can achieve 2.5 gigabytes of data usage a month.

If a customer’s data speeds are throttled, data speeds will go back to 3G/4G speeds at the beginning of the customer’s new month.

Boost Mobile isn’t the only kid in the prepaid carrier playground to throttle the data of its users as Virgin Mobile also announced it would throttle data speeds for its users if they exceed 2.5 gigabytes a month.

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