These past two weeks haven’t been the greatest for some people around me as I had to attend two wakes. Death is never something people look forward to, that is, unless you have $30k waiting to be burned and love music.


The CataCoffin, which I mentioned costs $30,000, has a three-speaker Catacombo sound system that is displays what’s currently playing in the coffin via a 7″ that can be placed inside your tombstone. The CataPlay application is connected to Spotify and allows you to keep your playlist up-to-date on your own, or as a collaborative effort by your friends and family. We’re just hoping you don’t decide to torture the poor soul inside of the coffin with “Banana Phone” playing on repeat.

If it were up to me, I’d wait for the CataCoffin that comes with a camera on my tombstone so I can see who exactly visits it while I’m rocking out six feet underground. Hopefully they won’t hear whatever guilty pleasure I’m into at the time since, even after death, I can be easily embarrassed.

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