Russian gaming company, ZeptoLab, is launching its next game following the huge success of its “Cut the Rope” mobile game application. ZeptoLab’s latest creation is “Pudding Monsters,” a new game for iOS and Android platforms. According to its creators, the new game presents players with puzzles involving gooey cyclops creatures, as seen above, and players will be required to combine the blobs in order to pass each course.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Misha Lyalin, the Chief Executive Officer at ZeptoLab, says that they wanted to create something that is different from “Cut the Rope,” which by the way, has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its launch. “It’s going to be very different. We want to be a gaming company that’s not necessarily limited in what it can explore,” she adds.

ZeptoLab is planning to release five more games next year, and some of them will be new properties. Pudding Monsters is now available for the iPhone and the iPad. There are two versions – Pudding Monsters and Pudding Monsters HD – and both are priced at $1.29.

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