Now here is a story that you might just want to live it out, especially when you have an organization or do invite plenty of friends over to your place often. Since we live in a mostly wireless environment these days, folks would definitely ask, “May I have your WiFi password please?” A Reddit user decided to do something about this situation, and has “enlisted” the help of QR codes to get the job done. In particular, an extremely large QR code that is subsequently printed out and framed, so that you can just let them use their smartphone app to scan and enter the code themselves.

If you are curious in doing the same for yourself, you can opt to head on here, input your WiFi details, and a QR code will then be generated on your behalf. Guess this is one of the far more practical ways of using a QR code compared to what we have seen so far, but if you are one who is a paranoid android and loves to change the WiFi password every other week, printing it out and framing it might not be that good an idea due to the amount of wasted paper.

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