If you’ve ever used a solar charger in your daily travels through the bright and sunny world we live in, then you’ll know they serve as a great way to recharge your electronic devices while enjoying the great outdoors. But one downside has got to be the speed at which the solar charging devices pushes out its sweet, sweet electrical love to your electronics. Gomadic is introducing two now solar charging devices that will put an end to the slow-charging ways of previous devices.

Gomadic’s SunVolt has been engineered with monoscrystalline photovoltaic technology that makes it more powerful than other solar chargers on the market. The SunVolt offers an instant charging experience that can power any device 5.5V or less, which the majority of your mobile devices will charge with no problems at all.

The SunVolt is packaged with one USB tip, with other tips available for purchase, and comes in a lightweight, water-resistant carrying case built to be used in any kind of outdoor activity.

Gomadic’s SunVolt is available at $99.95 as well as the SunVolt Max, which contains larger panels to offer 50% more charging power, for $129.95 on their website.

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