We’re not sure if phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are pushing it with their 5.5” displays, but it looks like Huawei might be interested in upping the ante. Some of you guys might have heard of a certain Huawei Ascend Mate device which is apparently the Chinese company’s answer to the phablet, although they could be taking the cake because word has it that the Ascend Mate could feature a display of 6.1”! While the tech specs of the Ascend Mate have yet to be confirmed, Huawei’s SVP, Yu Chengdong, took to his Weibo account and announced that the company is set to release a large-screen smartphone early next year, which some have taken to be in reference to the Ascend Mate.

Interestingly it seems that this Weibo update was sent using a Galaxy Note 2, but according to Yu, this is because he wanted to try out the competition in a bid to compare the user experience between Huawei’s upcoming product and the Galaxy Note 2. No tech specs were revealed in the tweet, but supposedly Huawei’s offering will feature a “cooler” industrial design, a more stunning display, a thinner bezel and basically better everything. The Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty powerful device as it is and if Huawei can offer something better, Samsung could find themselves faced with some serious competition. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled, so check back with us at a later date where hopefully we will have more details to share.

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