While we’d love to see products launch without a hitch, sadly that rarely is the case and most of the time these issues range from extremely minor to major. In the case of the iPhone 5, reports are coming in from China (via Nowhereelse) that the iPhone 5 is facing some “flexibility” issues (as pictured above). If you’re wondering why this is only being reported now, it’s because this issues seems to have come from China alone where the iPhone 5 was launched not too long ago. It seems that when enough pressure is put onto the phone, it will cause it to bend in a rather ugly fashion, which we think might be the result of accidentally putting the phone in your back pocket and forgetting about it when you sit down. Given that the iPhone 5 uses aluminum, a softer metal compared to stainless steel on the iPhone 4/4S, we can see how this might be possible. Then again it is possible that these photos could have been photoshopped, but since we’re not really experts in detecting fake images, we can’t really tell. In the meantime we’ll be treating this with some skepticism for now, but let us know what you think in the comments below! Is it entirely possible due to maybe a bad batch of iPhone 5s? Or do you think that these photos have been photoshopped?

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