When it comes to sporting events, having the right kind of support for your team is important to maintain a strong mental outlook. Case in point where the sport of soccer (or football as the world knows it) is concerned, the supporters are more often than not dubbed as the “12th man” on the pitch. Well, part of a celebration of the 2012 MLS Season has seen South Korean car company Kia and the Vancouver Whitecaps working together, resulting in a rather unique interactive campaign which will trigger a “car cheer” via Twitter.

In a nutshell, each time a fan sent a tweet that has been tagged with #kiacheerwfc, it will triggers a chain reaction. A matter of moments will see the tweet flashed across a couple of 80-inch displays, while a 2013 Kia Rio that is located right between both monster large displays will trigger an amusing cheer, using its entire repertoire of engine, headlights, and control panel to light and rev up to the classic Whitecaps cheer, ”Let’s go Whitecaps!” This is definitely a first, and chances are it won’t be the last, either.

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