Technology is supposed to make life a whole lot easier, which is a good thing, right? Well, here is a new solution known as the LifeBot 5 which is a portable device that tips the scale at 15 pounds, where it has been specially made to withstand the rigors of everyday use, even in hazardous outdoor conditions, intending to function as an all-in-one telemedicine hub. Basically, the LifeBot is able to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, while sporting electrocardiography (ECG) and ultrasound capability.


Not only that, the LifeBot 5 will also allow doctors to not only read, but also to send instructions to remote medics and emergency personnel in real-time. This device will also deliver to on-site medics an audio and video connection to other medical units, which is a vital feature when it comes to emergency cases in the event where an additional consultation is required. Apparently, future versions of the device will boast of a defibrillator while coming in a smaller overall footprint.

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