With the Lit Motors C-1, you will most probably be wondering whether it is a car or a bike that you are looking at at first glance, especially when it is viewed from a 90-degree perpendicular angle. Well, you can say that the C-1 is a cross between a motorcycle and a conventional car, with the main objective of changing the way young folks, especially Americans, think about cars. The Lit Motors C-1 is said to come with a two person capacity – one driver and a passenger in the back seat, where a pair of wheels has been gyroscopically stabilized so that it will not tip over. Not only that, the C-1 has a battery life of up to 200 miles (final mileage depending on the terrain and driving habit, of course) on a full charge.

Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim said, “You can get to work and back for less than 50 cents a day.” This is pretty impressive, but then again, just how far would work be for the mileage to work out to 50 cents each day? With the C-1 bridging the gap between a car and a motorcycle, it delivers far more safety than a bike, without busting your wallet. Chances are the C-1 would cost approximately $20,000 at first, but should it pick up in terms of popularity, the cost could eventually wind down to as low as $16,000 – assuming the motorcycle-car hybrid’s target release date in May 2014 takes off accordingly.

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