Having your vehicle tinted all over is always a good thing, as it affords you a certain measure of privacy, and not only that, you are also able to remain safer – from all of the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays, of course. This is assuming the kind of tint you installed is road legal and works as advertised, otherwise it might look tinted, but the UV rays could still pour in. Well, Asahi Glass of Japan has just introduced a strengthened glass that is capable of blocking around 99% of infrared light for automotive doors – making this the first of its kind worldwide.


Just how did they arrive at the figure of 99%? Well, it was apparently measured by the company based on ISO 9050 standards. The glass, known as “UV Veil Premium Cool On,” will actually block the sun’s scorching heat in addition to ultraviolet light. Apparently, this piece of work was made possible after adding in another layer which absorbs infrared light within the UV Veil Premium. Not only that, improvements were made to the glass, so that it is not scratched whenever a car window is being opened or closed. Bring it out to the market already! The image above is meant for illustration purposes only.

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