A few days ago, a job listing on Nokia’s website had some believing that an Android Nokia phone could be in the works. However this seemed to go against Nokia’s current strategy where they have pretty much put all of their eggs into Microsoft’s Windows Phone basket. Well the bad news for Android and Nokia fans is that it looks like the job listing was misinterpreted. Nokia is currently not building an Android phone, but Nokia was instead looking for someone to work on the Nokia HERE Maps team, specifically to help support other platforms such as Android and iOS.


This was confirmed by Nokia’s head of Media Relations, Doug Dawson who tweeted the following, “Our recently posted job is linked to our HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android.” Oh well, another rumor put to rest, but what do you guys think? Could you see Nokia making Android phones in the future? With their unique designs and pretty impressive cameras, we’re sure that there are many who wouldn’t say no.

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