Yes, we all know the novelty that follows a 3D movie on the silver screen, and there are also instances of 3D games on current generation home consoles. Folks who own a 3D-capable smartphone such as the one from LG would have tried 3D gaming titles there as well, but here we are with Zynga’s first attempt at a 3D mobile game, calling it Party Place. This particular title is available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Google Play, carrying with it crisp 3D graphics, a host of cool characters and real life party moments. Hmmm, is this the substitute digital party to make up for the lack of real life invitations at the end of each year?


Party Place will see you begin with a character creator that will turn you (hopefully) into the party persona of your dreams, whether you want to be the sassy and glamorous person, play the risqué role, or being just plain odd, the choice is entirely up to you. Will 3D gaming really take off on the mobile platform? The Nintendo 3DS has done the world a favor by exploring this possibility, and it is not doing half bad at all.

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