The Nokia Lumia 920 has a 4.5” screen, but have you ever wondered what a Lumia phone, or any Windows Phone for that matter, look like if they tried to emulate the Samsung Galaxy Note or other phablets with screen sizes 5” and above? Well thanks to a recently spotted photo, a rather larger Nokia device has been spotted. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, it should be worth noting that according to the text on the side of the device, it reads that it is property of Nokia and that it is not for sale, indicating that we could merely be looking at a prototype of an older device, or maybe even an upcoming one, but until it can be proven otherwise we’ll refrain from speculating too much for now.

Interestingly it appears to be running on Windows Phone 8 thanks to the appearance of the Family Room live tile, although the Windows button appears to be of the Windows Phone 7.X variety. This particular device has been given the model name, “Juggernaut Semaphore”, a name which we will be keeping in mind should it pop up again in the future. Oddly enough according to another photo where the phone’s “About” screen is displayed, the Juggernaut Semaphore only sports a display resolution of 480×800. What do you guys think? Merely an old prototype device that has only recently started to make its way around the internet?

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