There is a new rumor in town, and this time it has everything to do with Sony Mobile, in particular its spanking new flagship model that is said to roll out sometime in the first quarter of next year, and even more interestingly, it will sport a revolutionary glass front and back design. I guess some have claimed that this will be the Yuga (C660X) handset (as seen above), as it has been confirmed by some outside sources in addition to photo leaks. The thing is, how would a smartphone with a glass for its front and back change the way you use it? Surely carrying a hanky around to wipe off those smudges is essential, and this could be a clandestine ploy by Sony Mobile to sell more in-house case protectors, what do you think?

Right now, the most popular example of a phone with a glass back would be the iPhone 4/4S from Apple, and it cannot be denied that there had been abnormally high faults which were related to the phone’s back cracking. Hopefully the 2013 Sony Mobile flagship will be made out of sterner stuff than that. I am a firm believer that practicality trumps aesthetics – how about you?

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