Samsung’s Galaxy devices, like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, have been selling like hotcakes ever since they were released. If you’re a hardcore Galaxy user who enjoys listening to tunes on your device, but hate to carry around your phone wherever you go, then you may want to take a look at what Samsung announced today.

The Samsung Muse allows the user to transfer music from their Galaxy device to the Muse through a Muse Sync application that can be downloaded via Google Play. Once you have your music synced to the Muse, you can proceed to take it wherever you like and leave your phone behind. Although, if I were going out for a jog, there’s no way I wouldn’t take my phone with me just in case I need some assistance while I’m out.

The Muse offers up to six hours of play time, 4GB of memory and can be picked up for $59.99. When you consider how much cheaper the Muse is compared to an iPod, we could certainly see Samsung Galaxy owners picking up one of these devices if they absolutely don’t want to take their phone with them while they work out.

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