We know that Samsung has recently beat Nokia as being the top phone maker of 2012, and it looks like they have no plans of slowing down in 2013. According to a report from The Korea Times, they claim that based on their source who is supposedly an executive at one of Samsung’s key supplies, Samsung has plans to ship more than half a billion mobile devices in 2013 – 510 million to be exact. This is definitely an increase over 2012 where Samsung targeted 420 million. Out of the 510 million, a whopping 390 million will be smartphones alone which means that Samsung is pretty sure that their new smartphones will be hits. This is also more than what analysts have predicted – for example a forecast from Gartner has estimated that Samsung could sell 250-300 million smartphones in 2013. Then again these analyst predictions are based on estimations so there’s always a little room for adjustment. Assuming these numbers are to be believed, it looks like we can expect 2013 to be a year filled with Samsung devices.

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